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Chris Green's Member Story

Chris Green is the Digital Director of every1, an integrated marketing agency based in Preston who work with clients on both a local level and internationally. Chris describes every1 as a marketing agency that uses “insight, creativity and technology to connect businesses and brands to customers.”

The agency was formed by Chris and his business partner Simon five years ago. They saw it as an opportunity to create “something that was ours, something which allowed us to control the type of work we produced, for whom and in which sectors we worked.” 

Chris from every1

During that time, Chris and Simon have established a successful marketing business. “We are currently a team of just over twenty, with ambitions and a strategy to double growth in the next twelve to eighteen months.”

Chris explains that even though every1 have only been members for just over a year, they’re still discovering the wide range of benefits available to members.

“Simon, my business partner was originally approached years ago to join by a membership advisor, however at the time he didn’t feel it was necessary. FSB has been on our radar for a while and we joined just over 12 months ago. We recently used FSB Tax Investigation Protection, which as a benefit is worth the membership fee alone.”

Chris continues, “Within a few weeks of joining we'd taken advantage of FSB’s Online Legal Documents. We started a graduate programme and access to these documents gave us an understanding of the legal side, and has helped us to create a number of processes and procedures. These kind of documents are all over the web in some form or another but you don’t know who has written them or where they are from. With FSB’s legal and tax documents it's comforting to know they are regularly updated and have been written by legal and tax professionals.”

Like many other businesses, the company are also facing pressure to sign their staff up to a pension scheme by 2017, thankfully this dilemma is solved by every1’s FSB membership “We'll also be looking to use the Workplace Pension service to help us meet our obligations for auto enrolment.”

Filming at every1

FSB’s work with small businesses on the issues that affect them is greatly important too, Chris explains,“Another factor for joining was the lobbying FSB do on issues effecting businesses, specifically super-fast broadband. Access to this is bug-bear of mine, and thankfully the government has seen how essential it is, especially for digital companies like ours.”

“They've also tackled the late payment of invoices, which is essential to allow businesses of our size to grow, we need that cash to be flowing so we can pay staff and reinvest for growth. The majority of small business owners don't have the time to tackle business issues. Without FSB fighting our corner we wouldn't have a voice and who knows what regulations we would be subjected to.”

We also asked Chris what advice he would give to anyone thinking of setting up their own business: “Do it, it's hard work, daunting, frustrating, but hugely rewarding when things go right. We work hard for our customers and when they show gratitude, no matter how small, it makes it all worthwhile. We’re glad that we had FSB behind us during this, they’re like our big brother or sister!”

We love to hear our members' success stories, especially when we have had a hand in supporting them during that tough journey. If you’d like to share your story with us like Chris has, email us via You can also sign up today, simply visit our join portal to become a member today.

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