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Destiny calls for Glasgow chocolatier


World Chocolate Day is held each year on 7 July. On that very day this year, global megastar songstress Beyoncé was on the Glasgow leg of her Formation World Tour when she got the urge to sate her sweet tooth. Her entourage was despatched to find suitable chocolate.

They returned with a bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. But it was not good enough – the cocoa content simply wasn’t high enough for the American singer. So the entourage tracked down Glasgow’s premium emporium of chocolate: Kimble’s Café, Deli and Chocolate Shop. They picked up four bars of Cachet chocolate at £4 each. Amusingly, the need for chocolate over 35 per cent cocoa had been written down and underlined twice.

The visit caused quite a stir. John Kimble, who runs Kimble’s with his wife Joyce and son Christopher, recalls: “It got us a lot of publicity. STV Glasgow jumped on it. Suddenly we were on television, and getting tweeted about.” The Sunday Post newspaper also ran a story.

For an ambitious small business, a moment such as this can be a catalyst for growth. Kimble’s certainly deserves the headlines. Founded in 2002, it’s grown from a small, 180-square-foot shop to three outlets, including an 80-seat, licensed deli café in the St Enoch Centre.

It sells chocolate bars, fondants, chocolate truffles, violet creams and umpteen other scrumptious goodies, all created with the finest Belgian ingredients.

“You can never underestimate the power of chocolate,” says John. “We have customers sending our goods to Australia and America. Maybe we should put up a sign saying ‘Purveyor of chocolate to Beyoncé’.” Knowing how devoted her fans are, they probably already know about it.