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Five reasons a day at Twickenham can help rejuvenate your sales efforts

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Twickenham Stadium; the iconic home of England Rugby. Loved by sporting fans throughout the globe, its stunning infrastructure stands proud in South West London.

But have you ever thought about integrating this historic stadium into your marketing mix?

You can capitalise on the environment to meet core business needs all whilst enjoying the terrific benefits of hospitality; not to mention the world class rugby.

The corporate hospitality industry is now estimated to be worth a vast £1.2bn and is showing no signs of slowing.

Research by the Rugby World Cup 2015 revealed that over 80% of senior managers thought corporate entertainment helped build and nurture strong relationships with key stakeholders.

With all the brilliant advancements the digital world has brought to communication, it is sometimes easy to forget the value of face-to-face time.

In terms of communication, one has become innately lazier, opting for a quick email over getting everyone together for a meeting. It’s almost moved to a point where there is simply no time – or rather, we don’t want to make time for it.

Regardless of the industry or nature of the corporation, the primary aspect that underpins all company objectives is the bottom line. So how can such a pleasurable experience genuinely result in a profitable investment and meet this uncompromisable objective?

1. It builds and cements good relations in a less formal atmosphere

Spending a day together at the Rugby, with all the added extras, provokes conversation outside of work. There is no longer a need to ‘get down to business’ but instead the opportunity to shape genuine relationships by talking about what you want to, not what you ought to.

2. Less time pressure

Unlike day-to-day meetings, a day at Twickenham is not time-bound or restricted by a one or two-hour window. Therefore, a day can be leisurely spent in a relaxed and inspirational setting, resulting in a more engaged and productive gathering, whilst ensuring the very best customers and clients are in attendance.

3. Quality events help attract the required decision makers

The decision makers are likely to be busy, and therefore will need to pick and choose their arrangements. Twickenham is a fantastic pull, providing a massive opportunity to engage them. An opportunity a meeting or even a lunch may not provide.

Although a decision may not be made there and then, they’re not going to forget you and will hugely appreciate the gesture.

4. It enhances your brand image

Behaving in a manner that is conducive to both entertainment and practicality can help position your brand as a smart operator. It can become a reflection of your organisation’s status and establishing yourself as such gives respect, credibility and status which all results in a positive brand image.

5. It shows appreciation and reward. Continue to engage post-business dealings

Corporate hospitality at Twickenham provides a fantastic opportunity to bond with stakeholders on a deeper level, but have you considered using it to continue to engage after the deal has been made? You could use the occasion to introduce them to a new opportunity and improve their knowledge of the industry.

Further, this makes the experience a genuine gesture of goodwill and an excellent way to close a project. An upbeat ending is more likely to lead to more profitable collaborations in the future.

With this in mind, make your next corporate hospitality event at Twickenham to watch England in the Six Nations.

A revitalised England team will be picking their wits against the best of the Northern Hemisphere. Let us give you and your clients a productive day to enjoy by joining us for stunning hospitality.

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