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From initial spark to successful product: one member's story


We’ve all had brainwaves for ideas that go nowhere. But when Jason Regler had a lightbulb moment for a glowing wrist device that would light up in time with music, he managed to make it a reality.

The Xyloband is now a common fixture at festivals such as Glastonbury and on Coldplay’s world tour, as well as featuring in the X-Factor finals and Paralympic Games. The sight of 100,000 people holding up their arms and pulsing in the dark as one is unforgettable.

To create the Xyloband, Jason turned to south-west design consultancy Hillside Product Design. “We came up with the computer-aided design,” says Michael Tierney, Marketing Manager at FSB member Hillside. “We worked with an electronics designer to map the pros and cons and make it safe and usable, and then tested it to make sure it did everything the client specified.”

The Xyloband, which is controlled by radio frequency and can work up to several hundred meters away, is the biggest hit to date for Hillside.

Michael believes that the company’s niche lies in helping businesses and entrepreneurs translate their idea into a product.

“We’ll do a feasibility study and look at the intellectual property situation,” he says. “Then we research it, do concept design, agree on the final specifications, and take it through development to manufacturing-ready specifications.”