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08 June 2017

FSB Wales Blog - Business of the Month – Delwedd

Delwedd is a web design business based in Caernarfon, Gwynedd, founded in 1998 and became a limited company in October 2016.

The business is family-run having been established by Michael Roberts and now run by his children Ceri and Aled, as part of a team of five full-time members of staff. The family and all members of staff speak Welsh as their first language, which enables them to offer a distinctive service as Delwedd provides any website they develop in Welsh as well as in English. They also set up an initiative to promote the Welsh language where they will build and setup the Welsh version of their customers’ websites at no extra cost.

Delwedd has stayed at the front of technological developments by doing things such as producing virtual tours as part of the website design for holiday homes and schools. They also offer bespoke systems development, content management systems and e-commerce solutions. The most recent technological advance to impact the business was the introduction of responsive websites and increased popularity of mobile technology. Many more customers are using video content, and Ceri and Aled believe this will be a growing trend particularly within social media. They also noted that technology has moved on so quickly that is has enabled them to help their customers offer new and innovative ways for customers to interact with a website.

Alongside many objectives aimed at being commercially competitive such as ensuring that websites can be viewed effectively on all mobile devices, and providing photography, the bilingual package and maintaining the website on an ongoing basis, the team at Delwedd has also always had a particular community focus to their business.

Since the business was established, Delwedd has offered a free website to a local charity or good cause every year, and has maintained the website free of charge for life. Borne out of Michael Roberts’ habit of offering to develop a website for free for a good cause, Aled and Ceri are offering the service out as a competition for the first time this year.

People are encouraged to apply up until the closing date of 30th June in order for their cause to be considered for a free website. Previous recipients have been a local festival, a local charity that supports children and young people with cancer, and a local football club which won a Best Soccer Website of the Month title worldwide when it was first launched.

Delwedd’s commitment not only to its excellent commercial service but also to providing a community service demonstrates just how SMEs bring value to their local communities. Not only do small businesses employ local people, spend money locally and therefore stimulate local economies, they also benefit their local area with their community spirit.

The competition for Delwedd’s free website closes on 30th June. To enter visit