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The Issue

Mobile phones are increasingly becoming a key element of connectivity for small business owners, for voice, SMS or data services. In areas where superfast broadband isn’t available, there are disproportionately high numbers of small firms, who say they use their mobile phone for internet banking and to interact with customers and suppliers.

Our research shows 71 per cent of small businesses view mobile phones as crucial or very important to their business. Only 31 per cent are satisfied with their voice coverage.

Action FSB have taken

  • We’re lobbying the Government and Ofcom to ensure they hold mobile operators to the terms of the 2014 deal, to improve mobile coverage across the UK.
  • We’re lobbying the Government to make the deployment of mobile infrastructure easier by reforming the Electronic Communications Code.

Our Goal

We want all small businesses to become digitally connected through mobile services. We’re committed to better promoting the need for small firms to plan with mobile services in mind, to ensure they don’t miss out on the benefits of the global, e-commerce markets.

“I would like to use mobile more as it’s very important for business. I know my customers like to be contacted by mobile or email but we have to send them texts as we can’t rely on mobile coverage. It takes days to send/receive voicemails" FSB Member.

Achievements in...



  • Our lobbying has seen the Government plan to improve mobile coverage on trains.

  • We’ve been instrumental in calling for reforms to the planning process to lower the difficulties for installing mobile phone masts.

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  • We’re urging the Scottish Government to use public buildings as mast sites to improve poor mobile coverage.

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